The song your grace by JAMES EMMANUEL gives a deep insight on the humble way of seeking and obtaining GRACE and MERCY from GOD.He spends time to meditate on how GOD can be so closed to man and also think on how man can be raised up from this sinful and sorrowful life via Abundant Grace….

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Verse 1}For the Lord has 

spoken that his word is the 

truth and life and his grace 

is enough for me… found in


  {CHORUS}Oooh Lord it is your

grace,it is your grace….your grace 

is found in me(2x).

  (VERSE 2)Lord it is your word 

that makes me a man,and it is

your grace that dwell in me…..

and for your goodness Lord I’ll

sing your praise I’ll call upon 

your name,for is your grace that  

dwell’s in me..