When you discover Grace, you will expe9rience unlimited turn around.

Grace means Favour without Labour. Grace means Promotion without Qualification. When Grace speaks, protocols are suspended. If you doubt me , ask Esther. When Grace speaks, laws are broken. If you doubt me, ask King David. When Grace speaks, Educational Qualifications are useless. If you doubt me, ask Peter. When Grace speaks, connections are needless. If you doubt me, ask Joseph, from Prison to Prime minister. that’s why his grace is found in me.
Today, the Grace of God will speak on your behalf &will continue to speak for you throughout this glorious year. AMEN.
Noun let’s talk about Life in Grace.

Imitation is a worthless life…why?
ause I plan to do what my friend did to survive. Don’t just say because your friend survived through his own personal decision to become a successful man in life and you take his step. That shouldn’t guarantee you to stand as a survival of the fittest because every Man has their own star which is backed up with personal wisdom. The best thing to do is to seek for God’s wisdom. For in Him you have every thing you need without contemplating. When you seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness all other things shall be added unto you.
As a child of God you should always have it at the back of your mind that hope is build on nothing less but only in Jesus Christ and His righteousness, for in Him you gain victory and everlasting life.

While waiting on God with faith you might face so many challenges, difficulties, tribulations or temptations, but as a real believer and Child of God you should note that with patience we overcome some life challenges because patient is the strong key to everlasting success. Pray and wait on God. It shall be well with you.
One of the fact about this patient is that, it doesn’t matter what you suffered for now but always remember that God is the only strong key to everlasting success and Grace. Friends and family may denied you because of your downfall, yes is true, but remember Jonah in the Bible, after all the pains he pass through God still located him, took him out of the sham and raise him from nobody to somebody because he studied the word and waited on the Lord.

Remember, devil’s can never take your Glory. He only delay it. What you will do in one year to survive, devil make it to be extended to ten years but he can never take your Glory because your Glory has already be planted in you before you where formed. My friend, just be patient for when God will attend to you, your case will become different and you will say to your friends with boldness that, friends, my case is different because it has been settled.

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God bless you and remain bless for life.