Why you should listen to me.
Believe it with me that COVID-19 is not God plan for us but the fact still remains that everybody have their specific time to leave on earth, it doesn’t mean that those that are cured are special but it really shows that they still have some time to spend on this planet. No man is an island. Had it been there wasn’t COVID-19, another disastrous effect would’ve come to wipe out people in another dimension. The life we are living is just like a game, when is your turn to loose you follow the looser but when is your turn to win you escape the danger but will still have it in mind that surly you will loose when is your turn to go.
That’s why we have to get prepared because for the fact you live healthier today doesn’t guarantee you the same life to live tomorrow, but it will be a great joy when you follow the loose on earth and become a great champion in heaven.(FREEDOM)
Life is sweet and bitter but when you understand the fundamental rules of the sweetness you rather prefer to follow the temporal bitterness that link to eternal sweetness.(WISDOM)
You still have that little time to make a choice, which life are my to follow and who will I serve?.
For this will now lead us to the stage of unveiling and anticipating the month of MAY.

May is the fifth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars and the third of seven months to have a length of 31 days and also a month where different green crops are being put in place for harvest and plantation.
May is a month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, May in the Southern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent of November in the Northern Hemisphere and vice versa. Late May typically marks the start of the summer vacation season in the United States and Canada that ends on Labor Day, the first Monday of September. No month starts and ends on the same day of the week as May in any year. This month is the only month with these two properties. May however, starts and ends on the same day of the week as January of the following year. Also, in common years, May begins on the same day of the week as August of the previous year, and, in leap years, it begins on the same day as February, March, and November of the previous year.

May was named for the Greek Goddess Maia, who was identified with the Roman era goddess of fertility, Bona Dea, whose festival was held in May. Conversely, the Roman poet Ovid provides a second etymology, in which he says that the month of May is named for the “elders,” and that the following month (June) is named for the “young people”.

Roses to Virgin Mary

Mayovka, in the context of the late Russian Empire, was a picnic in the countryside or in a park in the early days of May, hence the name. Eventually, “mayovka” (specifically came to mean an illegal celebration of May 1 by revolutionary public, typically presented as an innocent picnic.

Special devotions to the Virgin Mary take place in May. See May devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Eta Aquariids meteor shower appears in May. It is visible from about April 21 to about May 20 each year with peak activity on or around May 6. The Arietids shower from May 22 – July 2, and peaks on June 7. The Virginids also shower at various dates in May.

May symbols

The symbol of May which is emblematic of love and success.

The Lily of the Valley

The May birth flowers are the Lily of the Valley. Both are native throughout the cool temperate Northern Hemisphere in Asia, Europe, and in the southern Appalachian Mountains in the United States, but have been naturalized throughout the temperate climatic world.

MayflowersThe “Mayflower” is a North American harbinger of May, and the floral emblem of both Nova Scotia and Massachusetts. Its native range extends from Newfoundland south to Florida, west to Kentucky in the southern range, and to Northwest Territories in the north.