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 Now that you understand what digital marketing is from the previous content, we are going to dig deep in social media marketing and it’s benefit to our community. 

Before we continue, We shall be looking on what social media marketing is,
Social media marketing in the process of generating traffic and gaining full attention of people through social media sites.
We have different kind and types of social media,
Facebook is an online forum where people come to discuss, advertise, post etc. An also is an easy market place. Facebook have 70 millions active business pages.
You can use your page to connect, communicate and provide customers with what they are looking for. At this point we shall be looking at 3 things which is very importance for creating a business page.
1: Knowing the importance of creating mobile presence for your business
2: Recognizing the difference way of communicate with customers from your page whether it’s one on one on one through a Verity of post
.3: understand the tools available to manage and measure how well your page is doing .

We are starting by observing things you need to do on your facebook business page .
that will enable you do better with your current and potential customers.
1: List of your products Services or available jobs.
2: Call to action buttons to encourage people to make a specific actions.
. Show your brand identity with a cover picture of video
. Provide information for the abused section to make it easier for customers to discover you on facebook it can also enhance your presence on search engine.
. Written and reviews by customers appear on your facebook page.

This section let’s you highlight what are your business offer depending on the page category you shose you can add different sections.
Promote section with a shop section
Display services with a service section
Communicate job opening with a job section
The shop section is where you can showcase and sell your product, whether it’s clothing and accessories handmade furniture directly on Facebook your customers can subscribe to your shop or call you right from your page. We design this future so you could create and manage your shops without needing to work with a third party partner.
Also shop are free to use, and Facebook doesn’t take a percentage of earning.
This services sections lets you list all of the services you offer. If you are a musician for example you can add a menu of music presentation messages such as brand name and include how your music will impact feeling to your audiences.
And more so, when deciding what information to include in this section always keep customers in mind. The better they understand your offerings, the more likely there are to get the contact with you.
Posting from your page is very easy when you create a post like video and offer or a job listing it can appear in multiple places including Facebook newsfeed facebook search, local app.
Local App a mobile App where people can discover events, business and more that’s powered by recommendations, from friends and the local community.
To bring some extra attention to important information you can:
. Pin a post to the top of your page.
. Boost a post.
. Cross post
When you pin a post it would move to the top of your page timeline. This can increase the number of people who see it.
Click on…. In the top right corner of the post you want to pin . Then choose pin to top of page.
You can boost posts by paying for those post you want to highlight. boosted post help engage more customers in the news feed outside of your own page time line.
Add embedded post to your website so that when visitor click on a post on your website they will be taking directly to your Facebook page.
Choose embed from the same drop-down menu as above then copy and paste the code and insert it on your website.

Facebook event helps you reach your community bring customers together and build and engage customer.
Promote a gathering buy creating an even. Most customers find out about events through post they see in newsfeed. So if you provide busy information like the name location frequency and details as well as compelling image of video. Customers a more likely to Share and talk about your event with friends and increase the reach of your event.
Facebook group for page is special place where customers can share and discuss. And form a community around common interests, issues or active. More than 100 million people on Facebook are member of groups, group is specially powerful for business that want to spend the origins of great deeper and engagement to more effectively connect with customers.
If you are thinking about starting a group for your page define your goals and think of ways you can create a powerful engagement by providing a more meaningful experience for the customers who join your group consider this ideas.
Enhance emotional connection with your audience, for example if you walk in entertainment all in the music business focus on the business story of an Artist such their charity work
Foster meaningful conversation among customers who share a passion relevant to your business. Create a group well customers can explore a passion points related to your business back conversation with touch provoking question of professional opinion to existing threads.
Provide educational or best practices tips around your service or products. Explore topic that are design to educate or enhance customers experience as a round say, Going to your salon, or the more personal touch you provide in your accountancy services. Give free tips when you are an expert in a specific subject area.
Understand your customers and their needs, Group are also a great place to receive feedback. Ask member about a recent news service. Presents some early sketch to get the reaction,. Altanatively give them a space to ask you open question about your business.
Support your customers better by encouraging community driving and empower members the share tips and best practice with new customers.
When it comes to chatting with business, customers want an easy way to reach out and they 1want real time response. In fact they are 2 billion messages sent between people and businesses every month on messanger. As a business it can be hard to reply immediately which is why Facebook create this communication control.
The away status let customer visit your page know when you are not available to reply. This is useful if your company only response to message during certain hours of the day.
You can send automatic message to let customer know when they can expect a response or where to find all the information.
Customers who messages your page for the first time, send instant replay automatically this is a great way to let potential customer know that the message has been received on to thank them for reaching out.

For comments that Maybe more sensitive, or if you are asking the customers to provide private information you can reply privately true messaging rather than publicly on your page.
If your business received a text messages, and answers quickly, Facebook will highlights your page as being very responsive two messages and a green messaging icon will display below the page profile picture. this help customers find business on Facebook that they may want to message. If you vary in your response time, you can either choose the option that represent how quickly you respond or you can have Facebook update your response time automatically from one of the following description.
. Typically replies in minute.
. Typically reply in an hour.
. Typically replay in a few hours.
. Typically replay in a few days.
Your response time will only be visible on your page if you visit it at least once a week, and answer 90% of more of your message.
As you create post and build your community you may wonder that’s what most people are most interested as well as the demographics of people who are interested in your business. You can use a few free tools we have to do all of that.
.Facebook page manager App.
. Inbox
. Page insight.
These free mobile app enable you view notifications, post update, upload photos and videos, respond to comments and messages, and view Page insight which will go over in just a bit.
Download the latest Android version of Facebook page manager from the Google Play Store. Or download the latest iOS version for iTunes.
Inbox let’s you view and respond to comments and messages across your facebook Messenger and Instagram account. this can make it easier to keep track of customers communications across all three channels from a single place.
To reply to Facebook and Instagram comment, visitors post and messages, just tap on the content you want to answer right from the inbox.
Unlike personal profile, page you can actually measure how customers are engage with your brand or business. Page insights provides that information about page performance such as demographics data about your audience as well as how customer are responding to your post. You can also see when your audiences is on Facebook and how boosted post or Promotions are doing.
You can use this information to better target your audience, by creating the type of person you are interested in seeing and then publishing them at the best times.
All this data is available to you on desktop by clicking on the inside tab at the top of your page you can export your insight into CSV file to organize all track data on your computer. you can also check your page stats on mobile with the page managers app.

Did you know that more than 2 billion people use Facebook every month to connect with friends and family as well as discover Or learn more about business.

With more than 70 million active business page on Facebook, it’s more important than ever for your business to be where your customers are. It can be expensive to build and host a website or to create app for your business. Facebook and Instagram both provide a free presents on all devices, where people are already spending a lot of the times.
To get your own business page started on Facebook all you need is the personal profile.
. How to setup your page step by step.
. Publish content with page post.
. Upload image and video.
. Build an Audience.
To create a page from your personal account, select the arrow in the top right corner and then select create page from the drop-down menu.
Click the gets start button in the category that best describe your business.
. Business of Brandon.
. Community up Public figure.
The next thing to do is to give a name to your page. All you need to do here is to add the name of your business.
Second, add a category to describe your page. Type a word into the text box that best describe your type of business and select a category from the option. If you don’t see your business type, try using different keywords to the search. You can change the category and name of your organization later if you need to.
Then fill out your business address and phone number. If you don’t want your business address visible selected the box that say don’t show any address when you are done click continue.
Add profile picture can help more people find your page and there will also be able to recognize its in post comments and more. if you have a logo use it for your profile picture.

You can either upload a photo from your computer or choose from a current Facebook album. if you want to make sure nothing is cropped out of your image after uploading it, we recommend using an image that that is sized 828 X 315 pixels.
To create a more and engaging interaction and a rich experience for your page or audience add a cover video instead of a photo. This can also help you spotlight your creative content in one of the most permanent spaces on your page
On your page click add a cover in the top left of your cover photo of video. select upload photo/video to upload a video from your computer. cover video should be at least 820 X 3126 pixel s and between 20 and 90 seconds long.
Select the video either from your computer or your existing videos.
After the video has uploaded, reposition the video by clicking it and dragging it up all down then click next click the arrow to scroll through up to 10 thumbnail options for your cover video. the thumbnail image maybe used when someone hover over your pages name to get more contact about your page.
Click published and your video with render.
If you decide to remove your cover video at the later date it won’t be deleted automatically. But will still be available in your pages video library.

Add a short description .
The section is optional but we recommend filling it out so that people know what your business is about . It also helps your business appear in a search results when people look for your online.
This field has a 155 characters limit so add the most important information here like your business location and what make it Valuable to customers. when you are finished click safe.
Add a username by clicking create a username for your page when you create a username it appear in costume URL that help people finder remember, remember and message your page.
To add more information like website email address and location map click see more then click about you can also add additional details to your page like business categories button information price range menus team member and more.
remember the more information you enter the easier it will be for people to find you
To further customize your page with template and tabs click settings in the top right then choose edit page.
Encourage people to take the action you want them to take when they reach your page by adding a call to action CTA button . The CTA button is featured prominently at the top of the page Beneath your cover photo. It can help drive a range of different action or a line with your business goals, including sending a message booking an appointment making a purchase and more.
Click add a button under you cover photo.
Select one of the available options and fill out any require information for this example we’ll contact you and then select send message.
Select one of the available option and fill out a new required information. for this example, we’ll choose contact you and then select send message.
Click next and select where you would like the button send people. in this case facebook Messenger.
When you are done click finish, you can change the CTA button label or action at any time.

. Hover over the CTA button.
. Select text buttons
. Verify that your CTA button is working as you want it to.
Your CTA button choices differ depending on your type of business. you can always change your button to reflect the action you would like people to make to take when the visit your page.
As you continue to do build your page your will notice a page tips link on the right side of the screen Page tips provide quick and easy guidance so you can create effective post.
You can let people know when you are open send people to your website and more.
When you first create your page you may notice you don’t have the option to view insight or to create an offer in order to provide you with Page insight your audience will need to start engaging with your page. so when we can let you know more about them. as you continue to build your page, you’ll gain access access to additional tools and features , here are some other details you should know as you become active on your page.
After 30 people like your page* you will have access to page insight wish Feature dat to how many people have visited your page, the demographics which performed well and more.
Once 100 people like your page, you can start washing up to 100 pages. This feature allow you to see how other pages include any ccompeting business are performing
Putting your status is a great way to engage potential customer. your status can be anything about you your business or your industry. great short fun to read content. Announce online sales , share a new product or make it more personal.
You can choose to post the status immediately to your timeline so it can start of appearing in people’s newsfeed or you can schedule to backdate or save draft.

Why would you like to schedule a post for later.
Let’s say Nelson William is celebrating his 1 year anniversary in two weeks and having a special events where he will feature hourly discount since his two weeks away they don’t want to announce it until one week before the event with the schedule future that can get it so that it to publish at a specific date and time.
And since is a limited time events they don’t want it to display in newsfeed after the event has passed the distribution schedule future allow you to set a date and time in the future for when you want your your post to stop at appearing in people’s newsfeed.
Because all page appears in your time line in chronological order you can adjust where your status appear by backdating a post.
The save draft feature enable you to save your post and finish it at a better day when you are ready to post your draft.
. Click the publishing tools tab.
. Select drafting the left navigation.
. Select draft in the left either, edit, publish.
. Schedule, backdated or delete.
Visual content help you and enhance your online presence. posting photos and videos can help your attract more people than text alone, think about when you are scrolling through your own newsfeed we are just naturally drawn to visual.
There are several different photos and video options available to enhance your page with visual content.
Using this Feature, upload photo of video to your page simply by clicking this auction and then choose the media from your computer. If you upload a photo you’ll be able to tag products in the image as well as add description.
If you upload the video you will have many option for how your video display. The basic option include adding a custom thumbnail, adding a title and a custom image. As you moved up more advanced features, you’ll able to do things like a dick call action button cross post across platform adding a video captions distribution options custom label and more.
Before we move on let’s talk about the importance of video to enhance engagement.
Video is growing in popularity so it’s no surprise that’s a lot of business out using Facebook live featuring a live streaming feed, facebook live let you interact directly with people via live video.
This is a great way to help your capture more customers attention. Why? Facebook live video add an event and much more interesting in the moment.
Once you have image and video uploaded, There are many different ways you can use them. next review the basics.

Photo album are collections of still images, you can gather your images together in one album add a description, a title, feature it on your profile and create a new privacy settings.
Use the carousel formats to show up to 10 images and or videos headline links or call to actions in a single unit.
you can showcase specific products provide details about packages or App story through successive counsels cards.
people can scroll through your carousel cards by sweeping on mobile phone and tablet or clicking the arrow on the computer screen.
Slideshow lets you combine multiple images text and sounds to a hands and engagement and tell a visual story on Facebook slide show, play automatically on Facebook and Instagram on smartphones tablets and computer, just like a video slices is easy to use and provide immersive experience for your customers. you can also use image to convey complex process this without a lot of texts. Use slide show to build a powerful narrative.
Canvas is a full screen mobile experience that can be used with all Facebook and formats. you can either create a custom canvas or use Facebook template which helps you streamline the process. You can use converse to combine videos image 360 content and call to action button in one unit design to communicate your message.

Facebook breaks down the process of add creation across all their tools and App and Services. In 3 distinct steps. At each part of the process you can add specific information.
Facebook simplify add creation and delivery by selling ads base on ad objectives at the campaign level. selecting an objective set, the business goal you want the ads within this campaign to accomplish. This help facebook to determine the best add placement format and call to action and delivery your message to the right people.
To get started access add manager by visiting and look for the create button or select create ads/management Add at the drop down on the top right corner of your facebook homepage.
To Create an ad campaign, select your objectives and give the campaign meaningful name.
Awareness: Drive attentions and interests
.Brand Awareness: Display your add to people most likely to be interested in your product or services.
. Reach show your maximum number of people.
Consideration Engage and persuade
concentration is the middle stage of the consumer journey. when people are aware of your brand but not yet ready to make purchase.
. Traffics objectives drive people to a website apps of message
. Engagement ads are intended to increase post engagement likes or event respond.
. If you would like people to install your mobile or Desktop App, try the App install objective .
. Video views objective shows your content to people who are most likely to wash it.
. Lead generation ads encourage people to share the account and it’ll be a mobile friendly form.
. Message objective encourage people to have conversation with your business in the messenger to complete purchase answer question or offer support.
Conversation encourage meaningful results.
Ads using conversation objectives ask people to do something in the website or app installed the Facebook pixels to a website or SDDS to an App to track action people take and create audiences and optimizes and deliver based on this action.
. Catalogue sales objectives for e-commerce travel auto and real estate companies you can link to images of every item to sell, and Facebook will display different items to different people based on Board targeting criteria of how they have engage with ads in the past.
. Stores visit subjective encourage people to visit your brick morter location.
At the ad set level, advertise set delivery preference by define indulgence choosing placement and established in his schedule and budget
Facebook allows advertisers to get different urgent type.
. New audience or create manually when ads set are called core audiences. Their targeting options include location , gender, age, language, interest and behaviour. use them to Target and using Facebook data.
. Custom urgent let you securly input your data or leverage Facebook engagement data to reach people who have visited your website provide contact details or your Facebook Paget.
. Lookalike audiences find people with similar characteristics to people which your ads or page by combining custom audience or save Audience with Facebook.
. Select placement your ads can apply on multiple platform across the Facebook family of App and service.
the placement available to you may vary depending on which ad objective or sell you select but will include at least one of the following.
. Facebook ads can apply in newsfeed instant articles instream video suggested video marketplace and In the right column on Desktop .
. Instagram ads can appear in feed and Stories. Note that if you select Instagram stories as a placement, that ads won’t run anywhere else.
Audience network extend your ads to other App NEW website publisher. in a range of placement types including native banner interstitial, in stream video and record video.
. Messenger ads can drive re engagement and scaled communication. they may apply in the messenger home scream or maybe sponsored message.
Set a daily or lifetime ads budget and set start and end dates for the ads set. Ads manager will tell you how many people are likely to see your ads estimated reach base on the budget you select.
Note that optimization options when you get charged may very based on the campaign and placement you selected.
At the ad level , select the ads format and connects the ads to the Facebook page or your Instagram account that you manage. give the ad initiative name to easily find and Evaluate with iit within ads manager and in reporting.
Your ads objective and placement can impact wish format are available. Generally there are.
.Carousel: a scrollable sequence of 2 to 10 image of video.
. Image: a single image of graphics
. Video: an ads anchored by a single video
. Slideshow: a looping video ad composed up to 10 images and or frame extracted from a video to which you can add transition s and music.
. Collections: a visual and immersive way to promote your business or product.
Marketers can add a Canvas to some ads based on the objective selected. this full screen insurance optimized for mobile and courage playful exploration and interaction within the ads itself.
Many small to medium business and non-profit organization use this simple workflow to create ads campaign one at a time from start to finish
To create a new campaign select your ad subjective and give the company meaningful name create an optional split test.
This option which you set in the campaign enable you to test ads sets against each other to understand which strategies give you the best results.

At the level, give the ad set a meaningful name, and choose a page to run ads on behalf of.
This is also where you specify youu Audience, in select placement and define budget and delivery schedule.
Focus your ads delivery by specifying an Audience.
You can include or exclude people from your audience based on demographics location interests and behaviour. for example display ads to everyone who lives within 20 miles of a major city but exclude people who live in the city itself……………
I will like to stop here for now.…….You can contact me bellow for more clarifications on the note and also, for ads placement. .
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Next, we shall talk about Ads placement, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube marketing.