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  James Emmanuel is a very humble,kind,loving, cute,industrious, determined,hardworking,energetic and God-fearing man. Born in a very wonderful Christian family of Late Mr. and  Mrs. James, in  KADUNA STATE but was eventually brought up in KOGI STATE by a very indigenous caring family of MR&MRS OMEBI SIMON. A family filled with love and care. They sacrifice so much just to ensure the survival of JAMES EMMANUEL.
       JAMES EMMANUEL was born a third child in a family of five.
He lost his parents and the younger siblings at a very tender age.
    He is a very creative man with a multiple talents. He is so gifted that he can perfectly do what he never learnt from anywhere.
        In his early age he developed a rather uncommon interest for blues and R&B music and began listening, imitating and rehearsing to the musuc of Don Moen,Frank Edward,Sinach,Tye Tribbert,Tasha Cobbs,Travis Cotrell,Cece Winnans and other blues/R&B luminatries.His zeal for the blues/R&B became so exposed which lead him seek out best choir and band group along the blues/R&B lines.He then joine a catholic choir of ST PIO Catholic church an out station of Christ the King Catholic church(CKC)Lagos.Where he sing along with his fellow choristers and also became their best parish vocalist.
       About that time Emmy J.As he is nickly called,was apointed as the lead vocalist and band leader in the out station and parish as well.He served as chorister and lead vocalist.sing in both services and outside the church when the need arise and also moving ahead with his music career.
       As time pass James Emmanuel began breaking an amazing record within .There was more to his music than he thought .He letter took time off his numerouse commitment to seek the Lord and under the mentorship of Mr Ezechukwu Emmanuel Ebuka a medical doctor/phermacist and also his fellow chorister.This decission attract fierces,criticison from friend,artist and coligues which thought it unlinkable abandoning what was becoming a thriving mainstream music career to serve exclusively at a local church.
        As he developed more interest in fellowship with the Holy spirit,He then realized that music was beyond what human can think of and also a fundermental tools in the praise and worship of the Lord.
        James Emmanuel a former studen of Electrical engineering in institute of science and tecnology school Asaba and also serve as the lead vocalist and a darector of music and sound engineer in ST PIO Catholic Church Lagos.He has attended many music seminar in and out of the state.He write,sing and compose his own music and also sing with some band group..
       James Emmanuel first album (MY DELIVERER)was recorded,mixed and mastered in lagos nigeria by Petersong in the year 2016…The first tittle of his album MY DELIVERER was describe as a spiritual way to success.
       Life has never been a bed of roses for MR.James Emmanuel.
The life he lives today is of GOD GRACE with the support of his guidance MR & MRS Simon Omebi. Irrespective of all the challenges he went through in life,he never gave up believing in GOD and his GRACE.
      HIS ADVICE; A gem can’t be polished without friction. Be diligent in carrying your Cross,your Crown will surely arrive. The mansion you see today was not build in a day. Just be wise and positive about your tomorrow.

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