The song SODOM and GOMORRAH by James Emmanuel is one of the
song that talked about pure lives changing. You may not understand but listen to what the Bible said in…
GENESIS 19, About the destruction, persecution and lot of tribulations the Lord brought to the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. The city was destroyed because of their disobedience. This happens to them unaware because Bible said in..
Revelation 16:15 and Mathew 24:43, that the coming of the Lord will be like a thief coming unaware indeed the righteous glorify the Lord and the sinners be consumed as He said in…
Mathew 16:28, For the Son of Man is coming to take the Saint away in His glory for eternal salvation.
The song Sodom and Gomorrah is a call to repentance, You can only glorify the name of the Lord when you’re truly in Christ Jesus, and this can only done true REPENTANCE.
I have delivered to you what God put in me is left for you to take action on the message for the Bible said in….
1 Thessalonians 4:18 that we should comfort one another..
NOTE: The song SODOM and GOMORRAH Is not a vibe or impressive presentation but a message of eternal salvation.
Glory be to God for His words. AMEN.
You can please, download and share the link to your neighbor for life changing.
God bless you.


Sodom Sodom Sodom
Sodom and Gomorrah is coming back again (R).

Distruction pescecution with a lot of tribulation
Is coming again…..oh ooh.

With a twinkle of an eye
When the son of Man shall come
Know one know..
Know one know ouh ouh ouh ouh
Is like the time of Noah
So shall it be
There will be eating
Parents given out their children
for marriage
Jubilation celebration all over the world
Oououhhh ooh oh..

Oh the Son of Man is coming to
take the Saint away
Are you ready?
are you ready are you ready eiii
So repent ooh noo
So repent…
So repent ohh noo
So repent
So repent that you can escape
the judgement to come
Oh no no no
So repent that you can escape the
Persecution that is coming ahead
Oh no..
Ouh ouh ouh ouh ouh ouh.