James Emmanuel commences the year with the release a series of exceptionally anointed tunes he called this particular song-HAVE YOUR WAY.this is an expression of his inner passionate desire to the Lord. He went further to say,to begin this year with our prepared resolutions we have to seek for God’s Grace because when the Lord HAVE HIS WAY in your daily endeavour, Doors open for your sake,walls are broken for your sake, mountain are moving for your sake, souls are reviving for your sake.
James Emmanuel said, the song is not for everybody but for everyone because the Grace of God is sufficient for those that seek for God’s face. Because life without Christ is a worldly hell.
The song HAVE YOUR WAY by James Emmanuel is a song that connect human spirit directly to God without even prayer, When you are facing some challenges in life and you try to give up there are some proclamations you have to make for soul reviving. And what are the words? That is what the song says, HAVE YOUR WAY.
You will agree with me that when the Lord HAVE HIS WAY in your life, your story change instantly without any consultation.
There are more to say about this song HAVE YOUR WAY. James Emmanuel is a living witness and testimony of the story behind the song HAVE YOUR WAY.
SUMMARY==After all his suffering and challenges in life, He takes it to God and tells God to HAVE HIS WAY. And God did it..
This prayerful song is not limited to James Emmanuel alone, He brought this to us as an eye opening and easy way to seek on God face. To partake in this life changing offer, just click on the below links, download and don’t forget to share the links with friends and families for there us love in sharing.
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