Selling like a pro.

What to expect:
1.. what triggers your shyness
2…insecurity,flaws and finding your inner strengths
4..eye connection rules and body language
5…listen and observe
6…how to practice

Selling like a pro…

1….What triggers your shyness in entrepreneurs?? Making them unable to sell their business or reluctant to talk about their products to clients ?

To be a successful entrepreneur you must be able to sell well to your I investors, customers even to people you wish to hire

Having a great idea is not enough ,you need to be able to pitch it your idea to boost sales and make good profit
Because no sales =??? No profit
No profit =??? Dead business.

So here we see that in order for your business to survive you need to be able to sell.

Lack of confidence and being unprepared are part of what spoils business for alot of us.
When you are selling to a prospective client and you have no idea on what you are selling .or can not speak passionately or confidently about your product or service.
So this means as a business person you must dig deeper to find out WHY you are not making sales and unable to sell..

what triggers your shyness ?
Is it that you are afraid to hear the word NO?
Is it that you are afraid of hearing the word I am not interested??
Is it that you are a stammerer??
Is it that you are new in the business and you dont fully understand how to explain it ??
Is it that you have poor diction or pronunciation ability?
These and many more are factors you need to consider in finding out what triggers your shyness.

2…Insecurities and flaws
Being insecure can be very dangerous, because it will stop you from being able to Express yourself fully.

Most times business people feel if they express themselves people will laugh at them??

Are you in this category ??

If yes there is a solution
#First is to SELL the VALUE of your product to your client. Value being what they stand to gain
#Second is to BELIEVE in your products and always present the STRENGTH of what you are selling first . The prepare for how to respond to people who also observe the weakness of your product if there is any.
What if the problem i have is not speaking, what if it is being calm enough to get my points across to my target customers?
#Third is to sell with PASSION . If you dont sell with passion and integrity ( making them trust and like you)

You cant make a sale.


You can not sell what you dont know please.

Dont ever make the mistake to go out there and sell especially if you are shy or an introvert and then you add lack of product/service knowledge to it.
1.. Research on your competitors.
2.. Find out what makes your product even if it’s the same different from their own.
3.. Find out how you can make yours better.
4.. Find out how you can address the weakness of your product.
5.. Find out can.use.more to do less and not compromise quality.
6.. Find out where you can source it cheaper.
7.. Find out how you can make your product have premium packages and packages for the average man.
These and many more.are.what every business minded person should be researching on..


4…..Eye connection rule and body language for business people…

How to use the eye connection rule to improve your business body language.

The eyes is the window to every mans soul.
When you sell and cant look your clients in the eyes, It is either you are afraid, shy,lack confidence , or you are not being truthful at that point in time.

There are 3 eye connection rules in business.

1…above the audience
2…below the audience
3..body parts
Like you are waiting for manner from heaven.

Number 1 Above the audience ..simply means when marketing your products instead of looking at your clients in the eyes you will be looking as their wig or looking above their head.
You can never convince anyone to buy from you when you do this.
While marketing your product you have to look to your client in the eye.

Number 2 below the audience….When selling your product or service you must never look below the clients.
Some cultures may not permit direct eye contact, so you need to be sensitive to the cultural perspective of your client.
Looking below simply implies looking at the shoes ,trousers, skirt or even on the floor.
Most times when people are nervous they look to the floor . If you are in this category . Your client will believe you are not being real or a scam.

Number 3 body parts…..
Now when selling your product or service, weather to clients you know or clients you dont know pls I beg you in the name of God. Eyes is the best place dont loose control and stare at clients
Or sensitive body parts.
They will immediately become offended and refuse to buy from you ,because you make them feel uncomfortable.

Now in all this some of you may ask so what do we do if we are guilty of any of the above . How do we stop or overcome it as professional entrepreneurs??

So solutions to

..looking above your audience
..looking below your audience
…looking at wrong body parts
..research on all details concerning your products and service
…practice with a colleague or family so that you will be familiar with the words
….write down bullet points so that even if you forget what you want to say when you glance at it once you will remember and look confident.
….dress well pls
….slow down when talking..dont rush your words..
….dont be too slow too so you wont make your customer sleep
And most of all breathe slowly..take a deep breath with closed mouth ..not open mouth.
Dont try to speak english that is more than you.
Be simple.
Use simple words and don’t give clients headache to understand you.

5 & 6 Listen and observe

Please go and watch Barack Obama’s video when he became elected president of United states on you tube ..

Watch how he speaks .and paused ..

Get one or two role models who know how to sell ..could be colleagues..learn from them and escort them when they want to go and looking for business. Watch how they play the game
Copy them..


Selling like a pro

You must always remember Rome was not built in a day.

Selling like a pro means a combination of constant research, practice ,flexibility and knowing what your competitors are doing better than you.

Flexibility means being able to easily adjust, adapt and change.
It means if you are selling in a shop and it’s time to migrate online then you move without hesitation.
This is just an example.
Note: Flexibility is wide.