I have been singing in Church as a lead vocalist, not really knowing the grace I have inside of me until I met this apostle of God ( Rev, Fr Onuoha Peter Uche CM). in 2016.
He came to my Church for an apostolic work, as a spiritual Man of God, Ha saw and was moved by the grace that I am carrying during my ministration.
On a blissful day, he told me to suspend my work for that day and pay him a visit, I adhere to his instruction and went to him, it was then he begin narrating to me the real story of my life.
To cut the long story short, He instructed me on the next step to take on my music career, He blessed me and told me to go and prosper, ever since then any where I go people call me musician, begging me to be feature on their music.
My first music music Album (YOUR GRACE) came under his mentorship.
I join the host of heaven to celebrate as you mark your birthday today.
The God whome I serve will prosper you.
You will be well known in the journey of your Priestful Life.
JAMESEGOSPEL MUSIC. https://youtu.be/PQ7w2ilY1o4